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Frontline Tri-act by Merial for dog 2Kg - 5Kg

Frontline Tri-act  by Merial for dog 2Kg - 5Kg

Frontline tri act 2-5

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In Stock

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FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT is an ectoparasiticide (product against external parasites) which is presented in the form of an easy-to-use spot-on solution containing as active ingredients Permethrin and Fipronil.

FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT offers your dog an excellent treatment against fleas and ticks and exerts a long-lasting repellent action against sandflies, mosquitoes, stable flies and ticks.

FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT is indicated only for dogs. Do not use on cats and rabbits.

FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT is available in 5 presentations adapted to the weight of each dog in packages with 3 pipettes.

Fipronil is the main active ingredient in the Frontline® product range. It is an insecticidal / acaricidal substance that is characterized by rapid action, excellent safety profile and long lasting effects.

Permethrin is a substance belonging to the class of pyrethroid insecticides, acts as insecticide and acaricide, and exerts a repellent action against sandflies, mosquitoes and ticks.

Monthly use of FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT will help protect your dog in areas at high risk of sandflies (mosquitoes), mosquitoes (Dirofilariosis), ticks (Babesiosis, Erliquiosis, Anaplasmosis, Lyme disease) and fleas (Ricketsial Fever, Dipylidiosis, Bartonellosis).


FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT is effective against 3 groups of ectoparasites of dogs: fleas, ticks and flying insects (sandflies, mosquitoes and stable flies).

Prevents and eliminates flea infestation

Insecticide effectiveness against fleas:

• Against the two main species that infest dogs: Ctenocephalides felis and C. canis.

• Persistent 99% efficiency against fleas for 4 weeks, even under water exposure (2 or 3 dives) and 1 bath with shampoo.

• Persistent rapid action on flea removal for 4 weeks. Rapid action with> 95% efficacy in the first hour during the first week and efficacy greater than 99% during the first 6 hours for 4 weeks.

Repels and eliminates ticks

Combats the main species of ticks:

• 4 weeks of protection against the 3 main species of ticks infesting dogs in Europe, including Dermacentor reticulatus, the vector of canine Babesiosis.

• Proven repellent efficacy against D. reticulatus.

Repels and eliminates flying insects

FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT is effective against sandflies, mosquitoes and stable flies.

It acts effectively as a repellent of the vectors of Leishmaniasis, Heartworm and Stable Flies:

• Phlebotomus (Phlebotomus perniciosus):> 90% repellency for 3 weeks and> 80% for 5 weeks.

• Mosquitoes (Culex pipiens): ≥90.4% for 4 weeks.

• Stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans):> 88.6% for 5 weeks.

Persistent insecticidal efficacy against:

• Phlebotomus perniciosus for 3 weeks.

• Stable flies for 5 weeks (Stomoxys calcitrans).



FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT is a product only for use in dogs. Do not use on cats and rabbits.

You should weigh your dog and choose the appropriate pipette size.

It is safe to touch and hold the animal as soon as the application site of the product has dried. Do not bathe the dog within 24 hours of applying the product.

Treatment schedule.

As protection against fleas, ticks and flying insects: application every 4 weeks on the dog.


To achieve maximum effectiveness with FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT, it is important to apply the product correctly.

The contents of the pipette should be applied directly to the dog's skin at two different points: at the base of the neck and between the shoulder blades.

You can bathe the animal up to two days before application. For the diffusion of the product to occur ideally the dog's skin must be dry when the product is applied.

Step 1: Hold the pipette upright and cut the tip with scissors.

Step 2: Pull the fur away from the base of the dog's neck.

Step 3: Place the pipette directly on the skin and tighten several times to apply about half the product.

Step 4: Repeat the same operation in the area between the shoulder blades until the pipette is completely empty.

Protecting your dog against fleas, ticks and flying insects is easy with FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT. And now it's also easy to remember to do it:

Sign up for our alert system to receive a message telling you which day to reapply.


FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT has a topical, non-systemic mechanism of action, which means that it kills the insects by contact and not through the dog's circulatory system.

From the point where the product is applied, the FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT spreads over the entire surface of the animal.

FRONTLINE® TRI-ACT is distributed by diffusion through the lipid-rich layers of the epidermis.

Thanks to the specific excipients and lipophilic properties of Fipronil and Permethrin, the two active ingredients of the product spread throughout the surface of the animal's skin until it covers the entire body in about 24 hours.

The active ingredients reach concentrate in the sebaceous glands, which become a reservoir of these substances.

Over several weeks, the fat with the two active ingredients is released continuously from the sebaceous glands, covering the animal's fur and skin.

This unique diffusion and storage mechanism allows the product to remain effective over a long period of time and also explains why the protection afforded by antiparasitic treatment is unaffected when it rains or if the animal is shampooed.